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More than 25 years of interior projects experience
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We provide our interior designs for more than 15 countries
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Y R D is a design & build interior spaces company based in Cairo Since 1996.

YRD is an interior design company established in Cairo at 1996.
Throughout 25 years of experience, we have designed and implemented interior ar-chitectural finishing in addition to supplying furniture for various administrative, com-mercial and residential projects.
In our designs, we always seek to meet our clients’ functional requirements in a beau-tiful and simple manner.
We provide our clients with integrated services from initial designs to the final touches

Design & Build interiors

Our Services

YRD presents high quality design & build service for interior projects to its’ clients starting from design sketches to the final touches & to reach this we pass into three phases


Since establishment, Our Company was marked by providing professional design services not only in the local market, but it directed its designs to many countries around the world such as Italy, and Finland in Europe, India, Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in Asia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Ethiopia in Africa.


We target the local market in the field of integrated architectural finishing and MEP works implementation for the administrative, commercial and residential projects. In this phase, we work hard to complete the architectural finishing and electromechanical works with high quality according to defined designs, bills of quantities and international specifications and standards.

Furniture supplying

We target the local market in the field of supplying high-quality imported and locally manufactured furniture for the administrative, commercial and residential projects. Our supplying furniture, equipment up to accessories, curtains, plants, etc. enables us to provide our customers with distinct spaces ready for use promptly, which save time and effort as well as reducing expenses professionally.

Our Projects

Each new project is a challenge for us to reach the best integrated solution for the project, which lead to achieve the different clients’ objectives that differ from custom-er to another.

Project name: Anasia Head Quarter  Year: 2022

Client: Anasia     Area: 1100M2

location: Badr City    Status: Completed

Project name: El Helow Head Quarter    Year:2021

Client: El Helow Group    Area:1000M

location:  New Cairo Status: Completed

 Project name: Office space of Masria company    Year: 2019

  Client: Masria for cards    Area: 1100M

  location: New Cairo    Status: Completed

 Project name: El sewedy office building  Year:2022

 Client: El sewedy electrometer company Area: 1600 m2

  location: 6 October city    Status: under construction

 Project name: CCC office  Year: 2022

  Client: CCC           Area: 90 m2

  location: New Cairo- Egypt    Status: Completed

 Project name: Homzmart Head Quarter  Year: 2021

 Client: Homzmart   Area: 1650 m2

  location: Ring Road – Maadi    Status: Completed

Project name: LG Stores Year:2016–2017

Client: LG Egypt Area: Different areas

location: Many branches Status: Completed

Project name: Lazurde Stores Year: 2022

Client: Oro Egypt Area: 70 m2

location: New Cairo Status: Completed

Project name: Miss L stores    Year: 2021

Client: Oro Egypt Area: 75M2

location: 90 mall Status: Completed

Project name: Private Home    Year: 2022

Client: Resid    Area: 320 m2

location: El rehab hills – Status: under construction

Project name: Private home Year: 2019

Client: Private Area: 460M

location: New Cairo Status: Under Completion

  Project name: Private home     Year:2022

  Client: Private    Area: 360 m2

  location: Uptown Status: under construction

Design & Build interiors

Why us

For more than 25 years of experience, we study and analyze our industry field in order to determine the main factors that have the greatest impact on the success of our interior design projects.
  • Best possible use of spaces.
  • Creative solutions outside the box.
  • Cost-effective design.
  • Limited timeline for the project.

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