Whatever the nature of your commercial interior project is a shop, cafe, restaurant, showroom or for VIP lounge, and whatever your needs are, commercial interior design, interior finishing or fit out , YRD as an interior design company specializing in commercial interior design and turnkey for commercial interior projects has the ability to meet those needs. In perfect time and well-studied cost.
Over many years, our interior designers have succeeded in providing elegant commercial interior designs that respect the interior design concepts of different brands.
Our construction engineers also succeeded in implementing interior construction and fit out of these projects with high efficiency

Project name: Lazurde Stores Year: 2022

Client: Oro Egypt company Area: 70 m2

location: Madinaty – New Cairo -Eygpt Status: Completed

Continuing our successful cooperation with ORO Egypt developing L’AZURDE stores according to new concept, we designed Madinaty branch featured with modernity and simplicity via using harmony between design elements: simple ceiling supported with indirect lights & simple wall claddings contains display units, with marble & natural wood floors all with light beige color and matt gold stripes to clearly show the gold & diamond items to clients.

Project name: LG Stores Year: 2016 – 2017

Client: LG Egypt company Area: Different areas

location: Different branches-Eygpt 
Status: Completed

During our design of the LG stores chain. The objective was to preserve the functions and categories of the different products and the concept of the brand in all its details.
The storefront has no glass walls and is fully opened on the external interface to attract customers.
We have designed a continuous path for customers to see all product categories without any obstacle or a dead end.
For finishing materials, we complied with the brand’s manual, such as grey and red back painted glass in the front of the store, glossy porcelain floors and HPL tiles in the waiting area, white and beige colored walls with golden stripes and a bright name for each section, with a white ceiling with wooden strips.

Project name: Miss L stores Year: 2021

Client: Oro Egypt company Area: 75M2

location: point ninty mall Status: Completed

Miss L stores design is featured with modern youthful spirit as this chain store is targeting young ladies, so the design came to ensure it by using simple materials for floors, walls, and ceilings with unique designs for display units on walls or inside the store.
pistachio color with white natural marble are clearly shown in display units to enhance design idea.
Parts of elevation and indoor wall claddings with white painted wood interspersed with curved lines of indirect light to ensure the feminine free spirit of clients.

Project name: Hotel apartments interior  Year: 2023

Client: Aramco / Maromix Area: 70 m² / Apartment

location: KSA  Status: Under construction

Saudi Maromix Furniture Company has hired our company to do the interior design of hotel apartments for a hotel project of Saudi Aramco company employees, the area of one apartment is 70 m², consisting of a hall – a small kitchen – a bedroom with a private bathroom. The main request was to provide a modern and practical design at the same time, as the unit is used by site engineers and is not a family residence. We were not allowed to modify the project spaces, as the project is existing and what was required is its development. Therefore, we resorted to the rest of the interior design components, including modifying the ceiling design , changing the flooring and wall coverings. The second main component of the design is the furnishings that Maromix will manufacture and supply after the renovation work, Therefore, the design of the furniture was based on an easy of repetition and not using an expensive materials or complicated manufacturing details.

Project name: El Helw showroom Year: 2022

Client: El Helw Group Area: 1030 m2

location: new cairo Status: under construction

Designing El Helw Showroom for office furniture 1000 m2 – 2 floors, was to create a new shopping experience for the clients and adding an attractive visual enjoyment to exhibits.
For easy furniture selection for the client, a new unusual show was suggested which is to gather each furniture family group in a separate area.
Showroom atmosphere was light by using matt marble tiles for floors, false ceiling with gypsum board works, wooden stripes and suspended lighting units to enable the owners to change showing exhibits periodically

Project name: VIP Lounge Year: 2019

Client: NAS Company Area: 428M

location: Naples Airport-Italy Status: Completed

The project is a tender to renew VIP lounge in international Naples airport. Italy has huge contributions in the art world.
The main idea for this lounge design is to be artistic in terms of design lines, selection of materials, furniture and lighting units.
For the renovation of this lounge, it is proposed to allocate a space for the promotion of local artists, young fashion designers…etc. by using interactive art technology and multiplied presentation methods.
The diagonal lines are used in walls, floors, partitions and furniture to match the currently existing diagonal facade walls. A very simple relaxation area is designed with art wallpapers and short partitions to grant the passengers more privacy.

Project name: VIP Lounge Year: 2019

Client: NAS Company Area: 461M

location: Helsinki Airport-Finland Status: Not Started

VIP lounge design in Helsinki international airport. The purpose of project is to create a very modern lounge. This is reflected in the design lines of walls, ceiling and furniture.
Attractive pleasing colors are used to ensure the furniture harmony. In addition, some items are especially designed to match the lounge design style.
Children room is created to be an open corner in order to ensure the easy children control and family interaction. Matt porcelain tiles for floors, matt wood is slightly used in walls and walls painted in white and grey to create quiet environment with furniture and indirect lighting . Relaxation areas are located at the end of lounge to prevent noise and to obtain more quiet atmosphere.

Project name: Miss L Booth Year: 2022

Client: Oro Egypt company Area: 16M

location: Marassi – north coast – egypt Status: COMPLETED

in seasonal summer booth for Miss L gold brand – in MARASSI – North Coast
Design was based on an easy bulk to be disassembled and reassembled in more coming seasons.
The booth interior design was carried out with the same identity for the brand permanent stores regarding design materials and lighting items, relied on providing easy dynamics in such a small space with several display units to display as much as possible products in the booth.

Project name: VIP Lounge Year: 2018

Client: NAS Company Area: 3560M

location: ABU Dhabi airport-UAE
Status: under completion

Big VIP lounges in the latest airport in AUE, Abu Dhabi, with huge space.
The challenge was to realize the extreme luxury degree, to meet all passenger needs and to enhance AUE culture , while maintaining the sustainability concept enhanced by UAE.
The project is divided into several sections starting from reception area, different waiting areas, indoor restaurants, drinks bar, business men service zone, meeting rooms, multi-purpose halls and children rooms equipped with virtual games. We also created SPA with internal entrance and special entrance from outside lounge to access to it without the need to pass through the lounge.
Free design lines, beige and brown colors, wooden claddings, imported marble, indirect lighting units and plants. All of above are used to create a deluxe design in a line with the sustainability concept and UAE heritage in a modern way .

Project name: VIP Lounge Year: 2016

Client: NAS Company Area: 205M

location: M V Airport-Casablanca Morocco Status: Completed

The project aims to renovate the VIP Lounge at The Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca which serves many passengers. Therefore, we have carried out a comprehensive renovation to change the old image of the lounge and to create a new and modern style attracting more passengers. The design was modern but linked to The Moroccan heritage without paying more attention to the details of Moroccan architecture art by adding some Moroccan tiles on the floor and some wooden partitions for walls with Moroccan formation units as well. The wood and marble are mated to add majesty to the design of this lounge as we have chosen furnishings from the major European companies for the same purpose.

Project name: VIP Lounge Year: 2016

Client: NAS Company Area: 50M

location: Rabat-Sale Airport-Morocco Status: Completed

The challenge in the VIP Lounge at Rabat-Sale Airport was very large due to the very small space and the need to provide many needs for arriving passengers.
In the design, we successfully met all the requirements namely a reception counter and different waiting seats for passengers and a business service corner, a dining area, a buffet , toilets and showers for both genders. At the end, all above are provided in this very narrow area and with a fun and modern design and an open view on aircrafts directly through seats designed from modern wooden forms for this purpose. Compact and comfortable seats are used due to the narrow space.

Project name: VIP Lounge Year: 2019

Client: NAS Company Area: 360M

location: Rabat-Sale Airport – Morocco Status: Completed

The departure lounge space at Rabat-Sale Airport is characterized by the length of the façade and its narrow width, so we designed it as an open interior area and was indirectly divided into many areas by outstanding businessmen service units. The Lounge also has two entrances on both sides, reinforcing the concept of open area. The individual areas on the interior of the airport are designed with short wooden beams and screens for more privacy in addition to a distinctive design of fixed seats inside the wall along the Lounge is covered in leather. We also designed a long sloping wooden bar in a fashionable way to match the long proportion of the lounge space. We used blue and green apple furnishings to delight the place on the white marble floor.

Project name: VIP Lounge Year: 2016

Client: NAS Company Area: 680M

location: Marrakech Airport-Morocco Status: Completed

The VIP Lounge at the newest terminal of Marrakech International Airport is designed to include all activities a passenger may need while waiting for their flight.
A set of individual seats is designed on the glass front with short wooden partitions for more privacy.
We also designed balls of wooden stripes in the middle of the lounge to be integrated with the architectural design of the airport as it has a large ball and each ball is designed as special seats for a group or family.
On the side of the lounge, we find a collection of meeting capsules and business service stations with a distinctive wooden design.
The last corner of lounge contains the toilet area with showers, bar, buffet, dining area and a luxurious smoking room in addition to prayer rooms for both ganders.
We chose special models of chairs for the lounge imported specifically from Germany

Project name: VIP Lounge Year: 2017

Client: NAS Company Area: 526M

location: Cairo Airport-Egypt Status: Completed

The main feature of this lounge at Cairo International Airport is that it has a long façade and is located between two of the most important competitors in the same field. Therefore, we mainly had the desire to show the entire lounge to passengers from the external side by designing the entire façade of glass except the entrance area where it is designed without doors to facilitate the attraction of passengers as a large bar and live cooking station have been added in the middle of the lounge for the same purpose.
A distinctive and attractive lighting unit is specially designed above the bar to highlight and draw attention.
Many of the circular columns in the middle of the lounge are treated with wood, artificial grass and Corian suspended counter to be used for dinning or businessmen service centers.
The built-in seats are also designed to save space and create diversity in waiting areas. The lounge included a luxuriously designed smoking room with glass interface to be as an attraction element.

Project name: VIP Lounge Year: 2019

Client: NAS Company Area: 380M

location: Kilimanjaro Airport-Tanzania Status: Completed

The VIP lounge at Kilimanjaro International Airport is opposite to mountains and landscapes, and people have extreme emotion for this landscape.
Therefore, we were inspired the colors and ambiance of the lounge from the mountains and nature, we also used wood in the partitions and furniture with many plants to reflect the local attractions – gardens and forests.
The main constrain of this design was to maintain the current floor and ceiling of wood, in order to reduce the many wood flats, we added those colorful oval forms of gypsum board to the walls and ceilings in one open area to create an atmosphere of joy with the inner plants.

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