Project name: Private Home Year: 2022

Client: Resid Area: 320 m2

location: El rehab hills – Cairo Status: under construction

To deliver a modern and luxury interior design at the same time. We adopted the use of marble and natural wood with golden touches in simple frame work with indirect lights to create warm atmosphere for house users.
Elevations are modified by enlarging windows facing the garden and the pool.
Living room in the middle of first floor where family meets was distinguished with warm relaxing design in addition to a unique bar unit.
LED screen is placed on a wooden partition in the stairs space for functioning the handrail space in a new out of the box solution.

Project name: Private home Year: 2022

Client: Private Area: 360 m2

location: Uptown – Elmoqatm Status: under construction

Uptown house design problem was that it is fully finished and the owner has already got the furniture for another home, challenge was to create compatibility with Current designed and finished house status, Previously supplied furniture units & Client new desires and needs.
So we did many fundamental design modifications for house spaces to achieve the required compatibility such as open the kitchen to reception area as well as redesign the master bedroom, living room and toilets. In addition to change some of finishing items to meet furniture units needs.
Using natural materials like wood, marble, and gray wall paints with indirect lights, were the most important design elements to create luxury calm atmosphere in this house.

Project name: Summer Home Year: 2020

Client: Private Area: 240 m2

location: Ceasar North Coast Status: Completed

One of the unique design experiences is design and implementation for this summer house, as it was previously designed according to design decisions of other designer & owner before it was transferred to the new owner who has different desires and needs.
This was the challenge to create new design for a summer house to meet the new owner needs without demolishing and removing previously used expensive materials.
New atmosphere came to be calm to meet summer holiday use depending on reducing furniture units and use of simple lines walls cladding, using light blue & gray color shades for furniture affected with sea color, and to meet already fitted floors colors.

Project name: Resid. Apartment Year: 2019

Client: Resid Area: 180M

location: New Cairo Status: Completed

Project of designing and implementing the interior decoration of a residential apartment in Rehab City. The main objective of the design was to make the best use of the spaces, so many modifications have been made to the status quo, starting with the separation of the family part from the reception of guests by a sliding door. Then we succeeded in designing an open family suite that was not present in the original apartment design including the living room and an open kitchen in addition to three bedrooms. The bath of master bed room has been integrated to the room in a modern manner to create more spaceious sense. The design of the apartment is based on modernity, simplicity, white and grey colours, unusual grey wood and grey floors with a touch of yellow in some of the furniture and accessories preferred by the owner.

Project name: Private home Year: 2020

Client: Private Area: 345M

location: New Cairo Status: Not Started

The client’s desire for this project was to have a modern, elegant and very simple home.
Initially, the kitchen was expanded by merging the nanny’s room and cutting off part of the large guest bathroom.
The desired style is accessible with white and grey colors in paints and marble in floors, walls and some wooden claddings. With the addition of gold in some furnishings, lighting units and accessories for more luxury.
A distinctive wood library is also designed to serve as a divider that separates the reception from the guest toilet.
Finally, the color of the cashmere was added in some of the furnishings as a distinctive color for the personality of the client.

Project name: Private home Year: 2010

Client: Private Area: 450M

location: Zayed City Status: Completed

When we received this project, we noticed a great waste of space, especially on the ground floor which had one guest salon and dining area despite the large space, so we demolished all the walls and redesigned the place and converted it into a reception space with three various guest salons, an open dining room and a large open kitchen connected to a drinks bar.
Design is based on modernity, simplicity and the use of gray in walls and floors with a walnut veneer with a green apple color as a customer’s favorite color. Various ideas have also been developed in landscape design where the back garden has a large swimming pool with wooden floor, a winter session and a TV Pergola, and a barbecue corner with all the required accessories. Accordingly, all the rooms of the house were directed and the windows were increased to see and enjoy the view.

Project name: Private home Year: 2019

Client: Private Area: 460M

location: New Cairo Status: Under Completion

A project of designing and implementing the interior decoration of a villa in Madinaty. The interior design of this house was based on the concept of simplicity and open area for guest salons and dining area, with the separation of the living room and the open kitchen in one open space to preserve the privacy of the family.
The design is a very light classic using only pans and cornices and a few simple classic details in the furnishings.
The color scheme also emphasized this concept using light pastel colors such as very light grey paints and beige marble floors, and pink was added in some furnishings, wallpaper and accessories to reach a stylish light classic design that realizes the client satisfaction.
All rooms of the house have been directed and window areas increased to see and enjoy the view specifically on the ground floor.

Project name: Palace Renovation Year: 2016

Client: Palace Area: 800M

location: KSA Status: Completed

During the development of the Palace of a Saudi Prince in Saudi Arabia came the development of the Women’s Majlis in this palace with an open area that welcomes large numbers of visitors to sit together, with a distinctive piano corner.
The Majlis’s private bathrooms are also designed with highly luxurious, with units for separate basins of wood and walls of gold mosaics with curtains for added luxury.
The colors varied between beige and gold for walls and ceilings with classic columns, pans, cornices and wooden floors to emphasize the luxury of the design to realize the client’s satisfaction.

Project name: Resid. Apartment Year: 2015

Client: Private Area: 140M

location: Heliopolis-Cairo Status: Completed

This apartment was small and had only two bedrooms and we wanted to design another bedroom according to the client’s desire to separate his son from his daughter.
Therefore, the kitchen has been converted into a boy’s bedroom and the new kitchen is open to the reception, which consists of living and dinning . Also the master bedroom was small and yet we made a light classic design through a good choice of details of furnishings and fabrics and the variety of lighting styles with light paints to increase the feeling of spaciousness.